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Laser Body Sculpting in Queen Creek, Arizona

Slim Body - laser sculpting in Queens Creek, AZ
ACHIEVING OPTIMAL RESULTS EIGHT TREATMENT SESSIONS ARE RECOMMENDED, TWO PER WEEK FOR FOUR WEEKS. A typical treatment involves the positioning of four to eight pads over the target area. Two laser probes are also secured onto the region of the lymphatic nodes closest to the target area. We advise only one target area is treated per day to maximize the client's chances of completely “burning off” the fat content, so it is not restored back into the empty fat cells. After treatment, a client should begin a lifestyle maintenance schedule. Further treatments can correct diet indulgence or focus on another target area. Nutritional supplements are also recommended to encourage metabolic activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recommended treatments 8-16 per area (2-3 times a week) 24 hours wait period between treatments.
  • Prior to treatment drink plenty of water and have a light meal.